Privacy policy

The protection of privacy is important to us.
Privacy Policy explains how we collect, store and use personal data.

1. Legal grounds of personal data processing

The Polish Arbitration Association (“Association”), with its registered office in Warsaw, operating at Rondo ONZ 1, suite 8th floor,00-124 Warsaw, is the controller of the personal data of:

  • the members of the Association
  • former members of the Association, who performed statutory functions in it while they were members
  • people who have applied to become members of the Association
  • people who have submitted an arbitrator’s declaration via the Association’s website
  • people taking part in events organized by the Association, as well as
  • people who the Association contacts while conducting statutory activities.

The data is taken directly from the data subjects. The provision of personal data to the Association is voluntary. However, if it is not provided, the Association may have difficulty in appropriately considering membership applications to the Association, enabling members to exercise their statutory rights or contacting members if the Association organizes any events or performs other tasks related to the Association’s statutory activities.

Most frequently, the legal basis for the processing of the personal data by the Association is the necessity for purposes based on the Association’s legitimate interests. In such cases, the objective of the processing is to stay in touch with the members of the Association and other people in connection with the Association pursuing its objectives specified in its statutes [LINK TO THE STATUTES] or the Association’s obligations arising from them, as well as to provide information on statutory activities and events, the organizer or patron of which is the Association.

The Association also processes the personal data of its members and former members who performed statutory functions while they were members of the Association, if this is necessary for fulfilling a legal obligation of the controller, especially if appropriate notifications need to be made to the register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and independent public healthcare establishments.

In the case of people who filed an arbitrator’s declaration via the Association’s website, their personal data will be processed on the basis of their consent.

2. Restriction on the provision of access to information

The Association does not provide personal data to other entities unless this takes place with the explicit consent or at the request of the data subject or at the request of the authorized public law authorities in connection with investigations they are handling.

However, the personal data (the forename, surname, professional and academic titles) of people who filed an arbitrator’s declaration in the Association’s website will be visible on it if it is specified by these people.

If the Association uses the services of external entities in such a way that the performance of the service requires access to personal data being processed by the Association (e.g. in the case of IT or accounting services), the conditions for providing such services ensure the security, integrity and confidentiality of the data, as well as compliance with the provisions of the law on personal data protection.

Other than the situations presented above, the Association does not provide personal data to any third parties and especially does not transfer the personal data outside the European Economic Area.

3. How long the personal data is kept

The personal data of the Association’s members is stored for the duration of their membership of the Association. In the event of a loss of membership of the Association, the personal data of a member of the Association is deleted forthwith unless that member was performing a statutory function – in such a case, his personal data will not be deleted and will be kept for a period of no less than the period of existence of the Association, unless another period of storing it arises from the provisions of the law.

The personal data of the people who submitted membership applications to the Association which were not accepted will be deleted forthwith after the applicant is notified of the Association’s decision.

The personal data of other people will be processed until they withdraw their consent for processing or until they submit a reasonable objection to the processing of their personal data.

4. Rights of the data subjects

The Association’s data subjects are entitled to request access to, the rectification or restriction of the processing of their data and, in certain cases, to demand their erasure or transfer or to file an objection.

Furthermore, data subjects are entitled to file a complaint with the appropriate supervisory authority for personal data protection matters (namely the President of the Personal Data Protection Office).

The ability to exercise these rights may depend on the grounds for processing the given category of personal data, as well as on the appearance of other circumstances specified in the provisions of the law.

5. Contact details

Should you wish to access, rectify or delete any of your personal data or if you have any other requests, reservations or questions on the personal data processed by the Association, please contact us by sending a message to:

6. Amendments and updates to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated. In such a case, the date on which it becomes effective, as stated below, will change. Any earlier versions of the Privacy Policy will be available on request.

Date of Effectiveness:
25 May 2018